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Temperature Control Requirements

WWL believes that an uninterrupted temperature chain is critical to both patient safety and product success. It demands impeccable execution in everything from the transport route selected to how the packaging is evaluated, validated and used to maintain product rectitude across all conditions.

We provide pre-conditioned temperature control packaging and transport depending on customer and shipment commodity specified requirements.

Whether you require an active, passive system or a trusted partner to help you choose the right packaging for your unique needs, we have the experience and solutions to make sure it's implemented correctly.

From dry ice and gel packs to phase change materials and liquid nitrogen, or anything else you may require, we have the expertise and confidence to make it happen. Below are some outlined:

  • Ambient
  • Controlled ambient at +15-25 degrees Celsius
  • Chilled at +2-8 degrees
  • Frozen between -15 and -25 degrees Celsius
  • Frozen (PBMCs) -80 and -150 degrees Celsius
  • Dry ice storage at around -80 degrees Celsius