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Provision for international shipping for biological substances

WWL provides a globally coordinated, full range, biological sample retrieval and delivery service. Our daily services to and from Europe is a flexible tailored service to each and every one of our customers' requirements which also include specialist loading and unloading as well as special permits to different European countries, Scandinavia and the CIS. The power of our global network provides ultimate satisfaction, confidence in increased operational efficiency and an enhanced distribution strategy.

All packages containing Dangerous Substances require one of the following labels on the outer box. These are diamond-shaped stickers. These numbers also go on the Shippers Declaration of Dangerous Goods form.

WWL is privileged to have been chosen to be the steward of millions of biological samples making us the largest provider of Life Science Logistic services. National and international health agencies, pharmaceutical and major laboratories as well as major academic research centers have given us the opportunity to serve their needs. You can trust WWL, your best partner in cold chain logistics and Courier services.